Attacking Rottweiler put down

Dog responsible for vicious attacks on elderly woman and postal carrier

Midnight the Rottweiler died at 2 p.m. Wednesday after her owner turned her over to the City for vicious attacks on a postal carrier and an elderly woman.

City bylaws services supervisor John Ramsay said at noon Wednesday the dog's owner agreed to surrender the female Rottweiler in the wake of the attacks.

"He recognizes it's the right thing to do," he said.

"I just talked to the owner just now. They're very apologetic for this whole thing happening."

Midnight attacked a postal carrier on June 1, leaving bone-deep puncture wounds in his left arm. City officials declared the dog dangerous, and required the owner to have her licensed, microchipped and kept in a kennel while in the yard. The dangerous dog designation also meant Midnight would have to be muzzled whenever she was out of her yard.

The dog was in the City pound for a month before her owner met the requirements and got her back.

Ramsay said the owner was renting his Kamloops residence, so he couldn't put in the mandatory kennel. Instead, he promised to take Midnight out of town, as he planned on leaving. The City agreed as long as the dog was removed.

But the man and dog were back in Kamloops by late August, when Midnight was left by a friend of the owner in the North Shore McDonalds parking lot and the dog went after an 84-year-old woman passing by.

The woman's arm needed 98 stitches and Midnight returned to City custody.

Ramsay said the incident is still being investigated to determine why the dog wasn't muzzled, why she was returned to Kamloops and what the penalties will be.

City bylaws doesn't have the authority to press charges, but can issue fines for breaking the regulations. Fines could amount to thousands of dollars, Ramsay said.

Anyone who has a dog in public has to have it under their control and care at all times, Ramsay said.

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