City frowns on pellet gun practice

Taking pellet gun potshots at a mannequin's head is as illegal, at least according to City bylaws, as it is strange.

Chiun-Wei Chen pleaded guilty in bylaws court in Kamloops Tuesday to discharging a firearm within City limits. Justice of the peace Gerry Hayes fined the man $300, the amount requested by the City.

The court was told Chen was shooting his break-open air rifle in the back of his unit at 380 Pemberton Terr. on June 3. Neighbours reported the man was using a mannequin head as a target, something he had done before.

Hayes asked the bylaws officers more about the nature of the air rifle, asking whether it was a BB or pellet gun, the calibre, and whether it was fuelled by compressed CO2 or air.

He noted some air rifles can be quite powerful and are capable of maiming a person, while a shot to the eye could prove fatal.

Hayes told Chen such target practice isn't allowed inside City limits.

He gave the man, who lives on $600 a month he gets from his parents, until March 2013 to pay the fine.

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