Convicted killer still a danger to others, court rules

One of the men convicted of the Overlander Bridge killing of Douglas Gormley will serve more than 11 years in jail for other acts of violence, including a case where he beat a man into a coma, B.C.'s Court of Appeal has ruled.

The court dismissed an appeal from Kyle Johnny, who argued the jail sentence he received did not properly consider his background and aboriginal descent.

Johnny was the youngest of three killers convicted in Gormley's death. Johnny, along with Bobby Narcisse, was found guilty of manslaughter. Neil Edwards was convicted of murder.

The three men kicked Gormley to death on the pedestrian path after a random encounter with the short-order cook the night of March 18, 1999. Gormley was riding his bike home after a shift at Denny's Restaurant.

Johnny was sentenced to two years in jail and two years of probation. He was 18 at the time of the trial.

Now 28, Johnny is serving time for violent offences against a man in Burns Lake in March 2008 as well as a robbery in Smithers in 2009 when he assaulted a store's clerk and an 81-year-old customer.

The court found Johnny has a "sad and dreadful" personal history. Despite that, he remains a risk to the community and the only way to protect the public is by jailing him for a lengthy period of time.

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