Cranbrook co-conspirators face years in prison

The Crown is seeking sentences ranging from eight to 16 years for three Cranbrook men who plotted to kill a Kootenay drug rival.

Lonnie Adams, Lorne Carry and Colin Correia were convicted in April. Lawyers presented sentencing arguments in B.C. Supreme Court on Wednesday before Justice Dev Dley.

Crown prosecutor Katrine Saettler asked for eight years for Adams, convicted of a lesser charge of counselling to commit murder. Adams should be given two-for-one for time already served, amounting to 66 months, she added.

Illustrating Adams' character, Saettler recounted his prison record and details he provided of an incident that occurred at Ferndale Institution, a minimum-security federal facility in Mission, while serving time on a drug conviction.

On his first day of incarceration, Adams was already involved in the tobacco trade and had a cellphone tossed to him over a fence. In two instances when he thought other inmates were stealing from him, he severely beat them. He said he intended to choke his second victim until he was unconscious and write "cell thief" on the man's forehead.

The incidents led to two suspensions of Adams' statutory release and he spent time in segregation.

After Adams was arrested in 2010, a search of his residence found prohibited weapons - batons and brass knuckles - a large amount of cash and "support clothing" from the Hells Angels. One shirt bore the statement "Snitches get stitches," while another read "Violence solves everything."

Lorne Carry, found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder and firearms offences, should receive a global sentence of 12-14 years, Saettler said. Carry, who had no prior criminal record, has spent only two months in prison.

Carry was involved for many years in the Cranbrook drug trade but was forced out of the criminal organization in 2010, Crown noted.

The heftiest sentence request came for Correia - 14-16 years - who was convicted of conspiracy and transferring a firearm. Correia has a lengthy criminal record dating back to the 1990s.

He was on probation orders forbidding him from possessing weapons when he became involved in the conspiracy in 2009.

The sentencing trial is expected to continue on Friday.

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