Dangerous sex offender who is a suspect in McLaughlin case denied parole

The brother of a Kamloops woman who went missing more than 18 years ago says he has mixed emotions upon hearing the man suspected in her disappearance won't get out of jail.

While it's good for the public that Daniel Robert Dow, 53, a convicted dangerous offender, will remain in prison, he wonders if the RCMP might have better luck learning the fate of his sister Sherri McLaughlin if Dow were on the street.

"Right now, he won't talk to (police) for more than a few minutes," James told The Daily News Tuesday. "He's got all the power there. The laws are protecting him in prison.

Dow applied for parole this month but his request was refused.

Kamloops RCMP said last year Dow is the prime suspect in McLaughlin's disappearance. He has been interviewed by police several times but has always refused to cooperate. He is in jail on other predatory sexual offences. He was labelled a dangerous offender and jailed indefinitely in 1999.

Sherri McLaughlin went missing in Kamloops in September 1993. Her mangled bike was found along Parkcrest Drive. She was en route to her boyfriend's house at the time.

Police believe Dow's car hit McLaughlin's bike. Officers found the young woman's damaged bicycle and backpack by the side of the road, but never found her body.

James McLaughlin said Sherri's family is still hopeful Dow will one day tell them what happened, so they can have some peace.

"He has the cards, there is nothing we can do," he said. "Without knowing (where she is), it's hard to give up. It's hard."

Dow has a lengthy history of extremely violent attacks on women and teenage girls. He has been convicted of three rapes and was twice released on parole before, only to attack again.

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