'Disturbing' YouTube video shows Westsyde students fighting

A bloody fight at Westsyde Secondary School was caught on video and posted to YouTube this week, leading an aghast school administration to launch an investigation.

"When I looked at that… it was just so horrible to look at and so disappointing to see that sort of thing happening," said assistant Supt. Karl de Bruijn. "You're just so concerned that someone's going to get seriously hurt."

The two boys involved in the fight, which happened at lunch time Tuesday, are already suspended, according to principal Sean Lamoureux. But when the YouTube video came out Wednesday, another investigation was launched.

"I find it very disturbing that students choose to 1) to settle their differences through violence, but 2) actually seem to enjoy being there, and then wanting to promote it by putting it on a media for other people to see," he said.

The video shows two boys flailing and punching surrounded by crowds taunting and commenting on blood, and several students with camera phones pointed in the boys' direction.

"As much as I was disappointed in the students that were fighting, I was even more disheartened in the students that were promoting it," said de Bruijn. "You could hear it in the video and you could see it in the fight."

The video was quickly taken down - presumably by the person who posted it, said Lamoureux.

A copy of the video is in school administration possession, and will be used to determine who promoted the fight for further disciplinary measures.

Police have not yet been involved.

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