Drug overdose led to fatal collapse


A drug overdose caused a Kamloops resident to collapse and die on a Sahali sidewalk near his home, a coroner's report concludes.

Tyson Lorrie Muench, 33, died Aug. 10, 2009 from a combined overdose of codeine, citalopram and bupropion, coroner Shannon Bender-Bell said in her report.

Emergency services were dispatched to Springhill Drive at about 11 p.m. A witness reported that Muench was walking on the sidewalk without shoes or a shirt and was swaying back and forth before he fell face down onto the ground.

Bender-Bell said a toxicology report revealed Muench's blood had a concentration of codeine that exceeded the therapeutic level. The citalopram and bupropion levels were also in the lethal range.

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