Firearms ban imposed on man after standoff

Police seized 19 guns from a man who fired a shot through the wall of his Campbell Creek home, resulting in a six-hour standoff with police.

Mark Proceviat was arrested by RCMP in the early hours of Monday morning after a special team fired explosive charges in an effort to distract him.

He pleaded guilty Tuesday to a single count of careless use of a firearm.

Prosecutor Alex Janse said the incident started after Proceviat was drinking. He went to his garage and came back with a handgun, according to his wife's report to RCMP.

The two recently separated and she was sleeping in a separate bedroom.

He came to her room and she saw him with the gun in hand. When she asked him why he had it, Proceviat replied, "You'll find out about it."

Proceviat then went to a room, pointed at the clock radio and fired a shot. The bullet missed, went through an outside wall and made a mark on a neighbour's house, about five metres away.

She fled the house and called police.

While police were unable to contact Proceviat, his lawyer told the court that his client was unaware they were outside. He came outside after hearing explosions, said Graham Kay.

"He was mixing sleeping pills, sleeping medication and alcohol. Quite frankly, he was contemplating committing suicide.

Kay asked for a conditional discharge, given the 49-year-old has no criminal record and pleaded guilty two days after the incident.

But provincial court Judge Stella Frame sided with the Crown, which asked for a $1,500 fine and 18 months probation. The guns, which included an antique handgun, Walther 9 mm semi-automatic handgun and a Colt handgun, will be destroyed.

None were registered.

Kay said Proceviat suffered mental health problems following an ATV accident several years ago that left him unable to work. He was recently cut off disability insurance.

In addition to his marital problems, his son was recently diagnosed with FASD.

Proceviat is banned from possession of firearms for 10 years. During his probation, he must attend counselling as directed and is banned from alcohol.

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