Gender-neutral washroom options going to council

Portland Loo turns out to be pricey

The Portland Loo could be coming to Riverside Park.

City facilities and business operations manager Jeff Putnam said Tuesday he has looked into options for a gender-neutral washroom for the park that is also safe from a police perspective.

The order to explore a gender-neutral washroom for handicapped people and their caregivers came from the co-ordinated enforcement task force earlier this year.

But police had concerns about a washroom that could be locked and would create a space where illicit activities could occur in the park.

Putnam said the Portland Loo seems to be the best way to solve all the problems.

It's a fully serviced washroom made of steel that has grates on the bottom and top so that some view of the goings-on inside can be had without violating privacy.

But the potential park potty is pricey.

Initially, he thought two gender-neutral washrooms could be created in Riverside Park for $40,000. But one Portland Loo is three times that amount, costing $120,000.

Putnam said the washroom options will be presented to council in the near future.

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