Jail for 'cellphone-and-a-bicycle' drug operation

Judge sets stiff penalty as deterrent

He cleaned up his life and even thanked RCMP for busting the dial-a-dope operation he ran.

But a B.C. Supreme Court judge said Tuesday Robin Peever must to go jail for supplying RCMP undercover officers with crack cocaine and powdered coke four times, from September to November last year.

Crown prosecutor Anthony Varesi said RCMP received a tip from an informant, including the cellphone number from which Peever was operating. Undercover police set him up, purchasing $380 worth of drugs over the period.

Varesi said a nine-month jail term is appropriate for Peever. The courts generally look dimly on so-called dial-a-dope drug operations, profit-driven enterprises that allow widespread sale through suburban areas.

"It makes drugs more accessible to purchase… . The accused did indicate he could get larger quantities of it."

But defence lawyer Jeremy Jensen said Peever had changed his life, entering drug treatment and foregoing drugs. He called for a conditional sentence to be served at home. Peever is also supported by his parents, who were in the courtroom.

Countering Varesi's claim it was a "sophisticated operation," Jensen called it "cellphone and a bicycle."

Each time he met the undercover cop on the North Shore, doing business in the officer's car.

"He was doing it to fuel that addiction."

But Justice Dley said a nine-month jail sentence is needed to denounce the operation and to deter others from running dial-a-dope operations.

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