Kamloops Seniors Village holds first Art Gala

'As we get older, I think a lot of seniors lose sight of what their passion was and what their talents are'

When painter Rod Gott died early this year, it left a void for the staff and residents at Kamloops Seniors Village.

In order to celebrate Gott's life and love for paint and brush - and give other artistic residents a moment to shine - marketing co-ordinator Brandan Rose-Bryant decided to organize the home's first Art Gala.

"The idea was to do something that really brought the talent that we have here to the forefront," she said. "As we get older, I think a lot of seniors lose sight of what their passion was and what their talents are."

There are singers, painters and musicians who live at the retirement home, and their skills deserve to be recognized, said Rose-Bryant.

The gala takes place Friday from 7 to 9 p.m. and is open to the public free of charge. There will be wine provided by the Fireside Steakhouse and Bar and music by the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra's Naomi Cloutier.

A special memorial exhibit will be erected for Grott, who created some 80 paintings during his time at Kamloops Seniors Village.

Staff will also unveil a feature wall in the building's main hallway. Rose-Bryant said there will be a draw held at the start of every season to determine which resident's art will be displayed.

Artists Rose Delap, Malcom Swing and Anne McCallister-Johnson will have their paintings on exhibit for the gala.

Delap and Swing are accomplished painters who have also taught the craft, she at Cariboo College, now Thompson Rivers University, and he in Thunder Bay, Ont.

She knew Gott and believes the gala is a nice way to remember the artist and resident, said Delap.

"I think it's wonderful," she said.

Swing said exhibits of other residents' art will be set up in the dining room for everyone to see. He's glad people's talents are being recognized.

Rose-Bryant said Swing will have a room dedicated to his work, and 14 of his other prints will be displayed.

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