Man jailed for abuse

A man convicted of assaulting his wife will spend 45 days in jail and will be barred from most contact with his spouse for the next three years, despite the fact she wants to see her husband.

Provincial court Judge Sheri Donegan ruled Larry Kwak, a 42-year-old arborist, must spend time in jail and be banned from normal contact with his wife for three years for what she termed "a pattern of abuse."

Kwak pleaded guilty to assaulting his wife, uttering threats against her parents and breaching a bail condition that he not be in her presence.

The events occurred in May last year, when Kwak threw her to the ground and choked her in one instance and hit her on the arm in another. Donegan said Kwak was obsessive to the point where he had "an ever-tightening physical and mental control over Ms. Lane."

Kwak, who had no criminal record until Wednesday, will only be able to contact his wife and business partner, Corrina Lane, via email or by telephone and strictly for matters of employment, finances or children. The couple can only be together for purposes of counselling.

Inside the courtroom, Lane was consoled by a friend as Kwak was taken out in handcuffs. Kwak could be seen asking the sheriff if he could speak with her, before he was denied and led away.

The provincial court judge said that outside his relationship with Lane, Kwak is "an intelligent, confident, hard-working family man."

But she added that Lane needed protection from Kwak, even if she didn't believe it necessary. The pair first met in high school. Kwak moved to Kamloops from Abbotsford in 2008 after both dissolved their first marriages.

"Ms. Lane, despite her strenuous objections, does require protection . She blames everyone but him. She implores me not to send him to jail and to let him have full contact."

But Donegan said Kwak's pattern of abuse, including the assault, must be denounced. While he pleaded guilty and told a therapist he accepts responsibility, a probation officer and a psychiatrist said in separate reports that Kwak blames Lane and her parents.

The probation officer reported that Kwak said his wife "makes herself a victim and the family makes themselves victims."

Lane's parents moved away and installed security alarms out of fear of Kwak. She earlier told the court she fabricated statements about the assault to police and a physician, but Donegan rejected that statement.

Despite the strict terms, Donegan said she would consider more freedom for contact between the two in future and directed any applications to come before her, rather than another provincial court judge.

"I'm open to these applications in the future," she said.

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