Man nabbed with 1,000 stolen pieces of ID lands in jail

'He's a young man with a criminal record starting in 2002 and continuing unabated'

One half of a couple busted with 1,000 pieces of ID, a credit card-making machine, gallons of date rape drug as well as crystal meth in their car was sentenced Tuesday to three years in jail.

Matthew Stuthard, 29, pleaded guilty to possessing another person's ID, personation, obstruction of a peace officer, possession of stolen property over $5,000 and two counts of possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking.

He has been in jail since arrested on June 7. RCMP pulled over a rented Ford Focus driven by Stuthard's wife, Mandy Anne Burton, for speeding near Barriere.

The Mountie asked to see the rental agreement, which the couple could not find. Stuthard presented a fake driver's licence, backed up by a credit card and Saskatchewan health card in the name of Steven Daniels.

But Crown lawyer Jenny Reid said the officer became suspicious because the photo didn't quite match. Daniels was also detailed on the licence as weighing 260 pounds - what the arresting officer figured was 100 pounds more than the passenger he questioned.

Under further questioning, Stuthard admitted his name and the fact he was in breach of an Alberta court order to remain in that province.

Reid said police found 11.5 litres of GHB, the so-called date rape drug, as well as 50 grams of crystal meth. A search of the car also turned up 1,000 pieces of ID and a machine for making credit cards.

In sentencing Stuthard, Donegan called it "a staggering amount of stolen property."

She agreed with a joint submission from the Crown and defence lawyer Don Campbell for a three-year jail term. Stuthard will get credit for time in jail since arrest.

He is also banned from possessing firearms for five years.

"Mr. Stuthard is a relatively young man," Donegan said. "He's a young man with a criminal record starting in 2002 and continuing unabated."

Stuthard received a more than two-year jail sentence in 2010 for identity theft.

Campbell said Stuthard didn't know his father and his mother, and was addicted to crack cocaine. He finished school in Grade 6 but later received a Grade 12 education in jail, as well as a diploma from the Vancouver Art Institute in graphic design.

He worked most recently in website management.

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