Man turns to contraband pot after failure to find doc


A 30-year-old man arrested by RCMP with marijuana in his car can't find a Kamloops physician to prescribe it, his lawyer said Thursday.

Christopher Hermanson pleaded guilty in provincial court to possession of a controlled substance. Crown prosecutor Anthony Varesi said Hermanson was pulled over Sept. 15, 2012, at an RCMP road check.

An officer noticed a smell of green marijuana and searched Hermanson's vehicle. The marijuana seized is worth an estimated $215.

Jeremy Jensen said his client, who has a university education, has not been able to find a family physician in Kamloops who will prescribe him with medical marijuana.

"Physicians aren't prescribing it. They're of the opinion medical marijuana is not to be used."

Jensen said there is at least one physician on Vancouver Island who will diagnose and prescribe medical marijuana via Skype - something Hermanson will seek out.

"It seems the law is a little behind where the world is with medical marijuana," Jensen said.

Judge Stella Frame granted Hermanson an absolute discharge, along with a $400 victim fine surcharge. He will receive no criminal record.

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