Pedophile's trial back on track

The trial of a notorious Kamloops pedophile seems back on track now that the man has hired a Victoria lawyer.

John Gustafson told a judge Tuesday he will be prepared to start the trial in February, although he said he has not yet received the full package of evidence in the case.

Prosecutor Bernie Caffaro said the voluminous package of evidence detailing the allegations against Caza will be delivered to Gustafson shortly.

Caza is charged with making an invitation to sexual touching and luring a child. He was arrested in January, when he was charged with possession and distribution of child pornography.

The RCMP arrested Caza, 47, at his home at First Avenue and Columbia Street, following an extensive investigation. At the time, police said the investigation involved the Integrated Child Exploitation Unit and law enforcement agencies outside the RCMP.

Kamloops RCMP received a tip from one of those agencies that led officers to Caza. Investigators seized a number of items from his home, including DVDs, CDs and computers they say contain graphic images.

Caza had been living under court orders restricting his movements for the last several years. He was prohibited from contacting children and must stay away from schools, day-care centres, playgrounds and parks.

Caza has hired and fired a number of Kamloops lawyers in recent months. His B.C. Supreme Court trial is scheduled to last three months.

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