Pedophile to move to Kelowna, police say

RCMP confirmed Friday that notorious Kamloops pedophile Bryan Fehr will soon be living in Kelowna.

Sgt. Ann Morrison, with the Kelowna RCMP, said police there were notified the sex offender will soon be in their community, living at a residence approved by probation officials.

Morrison said police there will help probation officers monitor Fehr's compliance with several strict conditions, including a nightly curfew.

Fehr pleaded guilty last October to five counts of breaching the terms of a probation order imposed May 31, when the man pleaded guilty to trying to buy sex with a toddler.

The court order prohibited Fehr from being near children. He was also required to keep authorities notified of his location and changes to his name, as well as his relationship status.

Instead, Fehr moved to Kelowna where he started dating a woman he met on the Internet using the alias Aaron Ettner.

Police later discovered he'd been hanging around pools and recreation centres there and was asking his girlfriend to pretend to be an eight-year-old girl during sex. He also asked her if she would help him rape someone, by holding them down, the court was told.

Morrison said it is not believed Fehr intends to live with his current girlfriend, the same woman he duped into thinking he was Ettner last fall. They remain a couple, a judge was told when Fehr last appeared in court.

The RCMP has not issued a public alert or warning, the officer noted.

Fehr was also convicted in 1999 of sexually abusing a young child, the daughter of his then common-law wife. The couple incorporated the child into aspects of their sex life.

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