Rapist back in jail after facing new charges

A convicted rapist who is under a close watch has hit "the end of his rope" and will stay in jail until accusations he hit his girlfriend can be heard in court, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Jeffrey Trump was arrested Tuesday after his girlfriend told police he backhanded her in the mouth and pulled her to the ground by her hair. The two had been fighting.

Prosecutor Sarah Firestone told the court Trump is bound by a court order imposed because of concerns he is a risk to the public.

Trump was 18 years old in May 2004 when he pleaded guilty to brutally raping the mother of one of his teenage friends. He was sentenced in January 2005 to four years in jail, on top of 18 months he served on remand.

He served every day of the four-year sentence before he was released in 2009. Then, corrections officials sought further court restrictions on Trump because they fear he poses a risk to re-offend. The order restricts Trump's movements, abide by a curfew and report to a probation supervisor.

Firestone told the court Trump is charged with breaching those conditions three times since September 2009. He is also now charged with committing this assault.

Defence lawyer Jeremy Jensen told the judge Trump should be released again, noting all his recent problems with the law stem from his relationship with the girlfriend.

Trump denied he struck the girl intentionally, saying he hit her by accident, Jensen said. The woman has since clarified her story, admitting to police she doesn't know if she was intentionally punched or not.

Regardless, all in his family agree his relationship with her is horrible and needs to come to an end, he said. If released, he can be prohibited from having contact with her, something that will help keep him out of trouble.

However, Judge Stella Frame was unconvinced, noting someone in Trump's position should realize he must be on extra good behaviour.

He didn't have the good sense to remove himself from a bad situation when he should have and, as a result, has run out of chances.

"There is absolutely no wriggle room . . . he is under intense scrutiny," she said. "These new allegations are the end of the rope for Mr. Trump."

The man will be in court again Monday, when dates will be set for his trial.

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