Rights tribunal dismisses complaint against TRU

B.C. Human Rights Tribunal has dismissed a complaint by a former TRU employee who said the university turned her down for a job based on ethnic heritage.

In a written decision released this week, tribunal member Norman Trerise said the complaint by Rozalia Novikova, a Russian-Canadian, had no prospect of success.

She is a former web designer laid off in early 2010 when the university restructured some of its communications and marketing, outsourcing some lower-paid functions.

Later that year it created a new position, web strategist, which had higher qualifications. She was not hired for that position.

Novikova claimed the university did not hire her due to her Russian heritage, using a pretext that the new position required more sophisticated written English skills.

"In particular there is no support for the proposition that Ms. Novikova was denied the WS (web strategist) position because of her ancestry or origin," Trerise wrote.

"There is no support for the proposition that the respondents' (university and its supervisors) language requirement is based on ancestry or place of origin or adversely affected Ms. Novikova."

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