Search warrant alleges licensed grow-op robbery

Merritt RCMP obtained a search warrant in an attempt to gather evidence following a Feb. 8 robbery of a grow-op licenced by Health Canada.

Allegations are contained in search warrant information filed at the Kamloops courthouse. None of the matters have been heard in court.

Const. Ryan Dell swore a information to obtain a search warrant at the home of Damon Bennett in order to look for boots, clothing and a cell phone.

The information alleges that Kenneth Young's home was broken into by two men carrying shotguns.

"The culprits stole 5.5 pounds of cannabis marijuana, which Young is authorized to possess by Health Canada," Dell wrote. "The culprits had shotguns and struck him in the head.

The men wore coverings over their faces but Young recognized Bennett when his covering fell down, exposing his face, according to the document.

Dell claimed in the information that Bennett had earlier tried to borrow a gun from Young's son, Kevin, saying he wanted to kill himself.

Bennett was arrested Feb. 11 but denied allegations, adding he was heavily drugged when he asked for the gun from Kevin Young, his friend.

Merritt RCMP could not be reached for comment Friday.

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