Small break, big hole, and the water's back in Aberdeen

City staff had to do some digging, but they found and repaired a water main break that kept about 200 Aberdeen households dry for part of Wednesday.

City utility services manager Mike Firlotte said Thursday the break was reported near Howe Road and Pacific Way at about 8 a.m. Wednesday.

"Where the leak is, they had to tear up some asphalt and sidewalk. It took a little bit to get repaired," he said.

And because the Workers' Compensation Board requires a certain amount of slope on any holds dug, they had to dig up quite a bit of the area around the repair.

"WCB requires we shore the hole properly. Every hole looks really awful for a small repair," he said.

The break itself wasn't anything unusual, he added.

About 145 homes in a trailer park at the end of Howe Road and 65 single-family houses were without water or had reduced pressure for at least part of Wednesday.

By 9 p.m., the repair was done and the water was flowing freely to all homes affected.

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