Son charged in murder of father

Court documents show man has extensive criminal history

A 44-year-old Kamloops man with an extensive criminal history and indications of mental health problems was charged Wednesday with the murder of his father after a stabbing incident Tuesday.

Jaipreet Singh Toor faces second-degree murder charges for the death of his 79-year-old father, Harsewak Singh Toor, in front of the 13 Street house where they lived with the mother of the accused.

Jaipreet Toor was arrested without incident Tuesday in front of the North Shore home minutes after the call came into police at 12:20 p.m., said RCMP Staff Sgt. Grant Learned during a press conference Wednesday.

"No one else was injured during the confrontation," he said. "This tragic occurrence does not create any extended risk to residents of that, or any other neighbourhood in Kamloops."

Police would provide no other information on the alleged crime or the accused.

The Kamloops criminal courts database indicates Jaipreet Singh Toor has at least 10 convictions, beginning in June 2008 when he was found guilty of impaired driving.

He is scheduled to appear in court March 29 for breaching a probation order stemming from a March 2011 conviction for assault with a weapon, for which he pleaded guilty.

That conviction led to a 90-day jail sentence and one year of probation.

Neighbours who know the family called Harsewak Toor a "good man" and said Jaipreet Toor may have had mental health issues.

Kal Kular said Jaipreet Toor had separated from his wife at least two years ago. He said the accused exhibited odd behaviour, and was seen constantly walking the neighbourhood's streets, including less than an hour before the family altercation.

Jaipreet Singh Toor of Kamloops provided a glimpse of himself in a blog at

His last entries dated April 2009 describe an undated arrest for drunk driving, a subsequent overnight stay in the "drunk tank" and two-year driver's licence suspension.

He blames the latter incident for his subsequent dependency on social assistance and further involvement with the courts.

"(I) was put through hell even when I pick up my welfare cheque," he wrote. "In frustration, I spat on the welfare worker. Now I have been declared a major threat to the public of Kamloops and have been banned from even the welfare office.

"I tried to commit suicide three times but failed. In frustration I burned my both hands with cigarettes just to express my frustration but here in Kamloops nobody care."

Jaipreet Toor's blog also calls Osama bin Laden his father, and posts a message to someone he calls his son who he said he had not seen since November 2007. He signed the message "Daddy."

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