Split verdict for robbery woman's jewelry

A B.C. Supreme Court judge found a Kamloops man not guilty of robbing a drunken woman of her jewelry last year.

But Zane Kahpeaysewat is guilty of possession of stolen property after he was found with jewelry belonging to a street acquaintance.

Kahpeaysewat was charged last year after Jo-Anne Gilbert, an alcoholic woman who was wandering downtown streets in August last year, complained to police that she was robbed. She had been released from the RCMP drunk tank hours earlier.

Within a few hours police stopped Kahpeaysewat and a friend on the streets, both of whom were drunk to the point of stupefaction. RCMP found two bracelets and two rings stashed in Kahpeaysewat's socks.

Hyslop said Gilbert's testimony about the robbery was poor. While the victim initially picked out Kahpeaysewat from a photo lineup at the police station, in court she said the Cree man from Saskatchewan didn't look like her assailant.

Kahpeaysewat has been in jail since last August. The 24-year-old man has a previous criminal record and has spent time in jail for other offences.

Hyslop sentenced him to six months in jail, time he has already served. But Kahpeaysewat is awaiting sentencing on another criminal conviction in the Lower Mainland so he may not have walked free Friday.

Hyslop also gave Kahpeaysewat an additional year of probation.

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