Woman hid driving ban from parents, court told

A 20-year-old woman got behind the wheel twice because she didn't want to admit to her parents she was banned from driving, her lawyer said Thursday.

Kelsey Weatherhead pleaded guilty in provincial court to two counts of driving while prohibited.

Crown lawyer Will Burrows said RCMP pulled over Weatherhead twice while she was driving without a licence. She was originally given a three-month driving ban in late October.

Defence lawyer Chris Thompson said Weatherhead was born in Haiti and left on the steps of an orphanage. She was adopted as a toddler by Kamloops teachers.

She has a culinary arts degree and now aims to become a legal assistant.

"I asked her why she drove twice," Thompson told Judge Hermann Rohrmoser. "Instead of telling her parents she was prohibited, she got in the car and drove. Her parents have high standards."

Rohrmoser said Weatherhead had "exceptional" letters of support from employers. He gave her a $500 fine on each count along with a one-year driving ban.

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