Dream Big: This Mercedes-Benz SLSR AMG will make you feel like a rock star

Wanted: A driver with deep pockets and an appreciation for perfection -your dream car awaits in the showroom at Zimmer Autosport Ltd. in Kamloops.

That, of course, is a fictitious ad but it could easily be used in the matchmaking of one lucky person and what is destined to become his or her new ride, the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLSR AMG.

"We took it to the Blazers game last week and I got to drive it down to Interior Savings Centre," said sales manager, Clint Campbell. "People were gawking at me. You feel like a rock star. It was pretty neat."

Yes, this is no mere mortal's car. With a $213,200 sticker price, only the extraordinarily well paid or well heeled can give this beauty anything more than a wistful glance. The rest of us can only stare longingly before turning our attention to a more wage-appropriate automotive accoutrement.

Still, it's fun to dream. And it's fun to live vicariously through Campbell, who, aside from the dealership's mechanic, has been the only one lucky enough to get behind the wheel.

"There's no better driving experience of any car, I think, than this one," said Campbell.

Even dealer principal Rob Zimmer hasn't taken the SLSR AMG for a spin. And he likely won't -that trip to the hockey game was a special and rare occurrence. The next driver who turns the key will be the one who purchases the privilege.

Zimmer said he has no doubt a Kamloops resident will attain that privilege. Last year, a local man put forth a similar sum of money for a Mercedes-Benz Gullwing.

Like the Gullwing, the SLSR AMG is a unique Mercedes-Benz. It is handcrafted in a separate plant in Stuttgart, Germany, where one technician oversees the production of a single car. The car's engine -a V8 32-valve DOHC - bears that technician's signature. This particular Kamloops roadster comes courtesy of AMG technician Dennis Kozina.

"This is as close to a race car as you can get without being on a racetrack," said Zimmer, who has visited the AMG plant and test-driven several models.

"There's so much race engineering in this car."

That engineering produces a significant aural and physical experience for the driver, which Campbell can attest to having driven the car to the hockey game.

"It sounds like a 747," said Campbell. "It's loud. It's got 563 horsepower and goes from zero to 100 kilometres per hour in 3.8 seconds."

Curious to see the SLSR AMG up close? Visit Zimmer Autosport Ltd. on Laval Crescent and - at the very least -you can imagine yourself cruising city streets with the top down and the eyes of every passerby on you.

* * *

FUN FACT:Anyone wanting to finance the purchase of Zimmer Autosport's 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLSR AMG, would need to make a $75,000 down-payment. That would leave the buyer with monthly payments of $1,900.

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