National tour brings message of health

Since Sydney Mitchell started running a year ago she's been waking up happier and feeling better throughout the day.

"I feel a little bit cranky if I don't work out. It's a stress reliever," Mitchell, 21, said Wednesday.

If any message is taken away from the commercial Mitchell recorded at the Tournament Capital Centre on Wednesday morning, she hopes it will be that exercise feels good.

"I just like it. It's fun," she said.

Mitchell is one of some 24 people who made a 30-second inspirational video as part of the ParticipACTION Sun Life Inspire the Nation tour.

ParticipACTION staff encouraged visitors like Mitchell to stop by the "inspiration booth" and record a commercial explaining why a healthy lifestyle is important.

Mitchell said she was a gym person before she took up running. She set 10K as a personal goal and, once she reached it, realized there was no turning back.

Now she's in training for a half marathon in Kelowna in the fall. If that goes well, she will pursue a full marathon. She trains four days a week, running anywhere from 40 minutes to three hours at a time.

Rhonda Eden is a registered holistic nutritionist with the City. She was at the TCC on Wednesday encouraging people to record a commercial and even made one of her own.

She trained for her first triathlon in 2003 as a way to combat depression and lose weight. Now she's happy, 90 pounds lighter and educates people about the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.

"It's about hard work and finding something that you love to do," she said of staying healthy.

Spokeswoman Melanie Plourde said each commercial will be uploaded to an online Wall of Inspiration for people to watch.

And, if the message sounds the right chord, the video could find its way into the national PartcipACTION campaign set to air this fall, she said.

Kamloops was one stop on a 31-city tour.

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