Roses and Thorns

A bag full of thorns from Jan to the person(s) who stole a racquet backpack from a car belonging to a cancer survivor. The backpack contained about $1,000 worth of items mostly only of value to the owner - runners with orthotics, prescription eyeglasses, a prescription drug and two racquets (one brand new). Shame, shame on the culprit(s)! Having just had our computer hacked and $2,000 stolen from our bank account, this was the final straw.

* * *

Roses and gratitude from grateful mom Shelley Trim "to the young man Aiden who was in Mr. Mike's on the evening of Saturday, Sept. 21. You displayed a true random act of kindness by getting up from your table and coming over to our table to give my daughter two gift cards because you saw that we were celebrating her birthday. Your kindness will
not be forgotten. People like you make the world a better place! Bless you!"

* * *

A large bag of roses from Rick and Tina (volunteers at the Friday breakfasts) to the owners of No Limit Fitness for donating all of the left behind and forgotten water bottles and drink containers on an ongoing basis, to St. Vincent de Paul's breakfast program. These are handed out to our clients and are very much appreciated.

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