Roses & Thorns

A helpful basket of rosesfrom Vi "to the lady and gentlemen who took the time to stop and help the lady who fell on Tranquille Road. I am grateful for your kindness and compassion and staying with me."

Long-stemmed rosesand a generous tip from Paulette G. for the wonderful drivers of HandyDART transport. "Wow, two bucks, they drive you everywhere and will walk you to your door, buckle you up, what more can a senior want? And very thick thorns for all us seniors who do not tip these wonderful drivers. Come on seniors, let's show them how great they really are."

Flaming rosesfrom Patrick to Sheldon from Kamloops Fire and Rescue for the installation of new fire alarms and detectors. "The program is exceptional, with supplying the units to the installation. Also included is a review of your home safety options and suggestions for improvement. A great service from KFR."

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