How many trains are on those tracks?

YOU ASKED:How many trains (CN and CP) pass through Kamloops each day and week? How many cars, engines per train? How many trains go east? How many trains go west? Thanks

- Bill Thomson

OUR ANSWER:We contacted both companies and asked if they would kindly pull some statistics for us.

Canadian Pacific's Kevin Hrysak tells us CP Rail runs an average of 27 to 31 trains through Kamloops each day - a combination of east and west traffic. Weekly, the frequency amounts to 189 to 217 trains. The number fluctuates based on season and demand in the marketplace.

"When you talk specific number of cars per train and engines per train, it varies as not all freight trains are the same length or carry the same amount of cars," said Hrysak.

"From a car perspective, we use a figure that an average freight train takes upwards of 280 trucks off the road."

The numbers dip slightly for CN.

According the company's regional manager of public and government affairs, Emily Hamer, an average of 23 CN trains pass through Kamloops each day. Roughly 161 pass through each week.

On average, there are three units per train and around 150 cars.

More CN trains go west than east. Hamer said approximately 70 trains travel east through Kamloops each week, while 91 go west through the city.

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