Mysterious Batchelor Heights building

YOU ASKED: What is this large concrete building in the hills behind the new development between Rue Chez Nous and Woodhaven drive? I have watched it being built over the last year. It has massive reinforced concrete walls and roof and appears to have water pipes feeding out of it. You can't drive up to it because it's under construction but you can see it by entering the development on weekdays when the gates are usually open.

- David Charbonneau

OUR ANSWER: It looks like a reinforced bomb shelter but that mysterious building is actually a new water reservoir, says Mike Firlotte, the City's utilities services supervisor.

The reservoir was developed to service the new, adjacent Westsyde Estates subdivision as well as to improve the pressure and supply to theexisting subdivisions in the area.

"The new reservoir is in the final stages of completion and will be on line within the next few weeks," Firlotte tells us.

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