New building on Bunker Road

YOU ASKED: Could you please report on the very large structure that is being constructed on Bunker Road, just off McGill Road? Thanks.


OUR ANSWER: We hope you like mystery and intrigue, Edie, because that's what shrouds this very large structure you refer to.

Put it this way, we didn't need to use our shorthand note-taking skills to capture the following quote from Randy Lambright, boss of the City's development department.

"It's a Q9 data centre," said Lambright.

"Can't provide any more details on that. We've signed a confidentiality agreement with them, and that's as far as I can go."

Thankfully, our very own Daily News archive was able to pick up where Lambright left off.

Turns out, Q9 is the name of a Canadian company that stores sensitive information for government and corporate clients. The information is housed in buildings, called data centres.

Q9 Networks operates data centres in Brampton, Toronto and Calgary.

Now it's building a centre in Kamloops, at 1460 Bunker Rd., near where the former recycling depot used to be at the end of McGill Road.

In a story we ran in February, company spokesman Paul Sharpe confirmed that Q9 asked the City of Kamloops to keep quiet about the building on Bunker Road, citing security reasons among other issues.

"Anybody we're sharing detailed design drawings with we ask to enter into a non-disclosure document," said Sharpe.

The company won't say how large the building will be, only that it will employ eight to 10 people at first, possibly more if the data centre expands.

So, why build in Kamloops?

Well, the provincial government has said it plans to hire Q9 to store vital information. Building a data centre on the earthquake-prone Coast wouldn't be wise.

Kamloops is considered a safe choice.

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