Old waterslides park

YOU ASKED: Can you tell me what is happening with the old water park (Dolphin Waterslides) by Larfarge in Kamloops? There is a new manufactured home on the site and the buildings have been freshly painted. What's going on? Thank you.

- Catie

OUR ANSWER: Well, Catie, it turns out that mobile home you've noticed is going to be the new living quarters of a resident caretaker for a new and improved Kamloops RV Park.

The RV park is planning an extensive renovation and expansion, and you're seeing the first signs of it.

For readers who aren't familiar with the history of the site, here's the nutshell version: It used to be home to Dolphin Waterslides, an adventure park that was operated, along with the adjoining RV park, by a private business that sub-leased the land from the BC Wildlife Park, which leased it from the landowner, the City of Kamloops.

The private operator walked away from the sub-lease in 2005, and the BC Wildlife Park and the City of Kamloops were left in a predicament. The water park was in such a state of disrepair it was too costly to fix or replace, so it sat vacant while the Wildlife Park assumed operation of the RV park.

Two years ago, the City tore down the slides after YouTube videos surfaced of teens skateboarding on the huge pipes. To make matters worse, graffiti artists endlessly vandalized two buildings on the water park site.

Eventually, the Wildlife Park found a new operator to take over the RV park - Alkam Holdings, which is putting in the necessary time, effort and money to expand the RV park onto the old waterslides property. The company will soon be applying for rezoning to increase the number of campsites from the current 85 sites.

As for those two buildings that have been recently painted, those are the old change rooms/offices/concession from the water park. It's expected they will be used in a similar fashion for the expanded campground.

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