Tell us about those birds in Sahali

YOU ASKED:We are wondering what kinds of birds are making up the large flock that is noticeable in Lower Sahali and above the valley. They seem to be in the trees above Pemberton Terrace often . . . and they are providing a never-ending show. Sincerely,

- Moira Benedetti and Peter Aylen

OUR ANSWER:Well, it didn't take much effort to find the birds you asked about. They were travelling in such large numbers - hundreds upon hundreds - it looked like a swarm of locusts overhead.

Which made getting a clear photo nearly impossible; the birds flit about so fast our camera's auto-focus couldn't keep up.

Still, we snapped some shots and sent them off to resident bird expert Rick Howie, who confirmed they are Bohemian waxwings.

"They breed much farther north and visit us during the winter, replacing the less common cedar waxwing, which does breed here," said Howie.

"The cedars generally migrate south for the winter, but we had a few remain this year. The huge flocks that we see around town that descend upon people's ash and fruit trees are Bohemians and an impressive addition to our winter bird fauna."

The birds really do put on quite the show as they swoop and circle and sky, darting in and out of trees.

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