What's the meaning behind that symbol?

YOU ASKED:Attached is a picture of a symbol that appears on several homes in Sun Rivers. I was wondering what the significance of it is? I don't wish to invade the privacy of the individuals living there, but perhaps someone could enlighten me?

- Pam

OUR ANSWER:Well, Pam, we started out by doing a little online crowd-sourcing for this one, first by posting the image on our Daily News Facebook page and our @KamNews Twitter account, as well as our @ReadersReporter Twitter account.

We thought that might do the trick. Of course, that was before we read a study on Tuesday that said only eight per cent of Facebook users will actually see a posting.

At any rate, a user who follows both of our Twitter sites suggested the symbol might be a variation of a sun cross. Another thought it could be a variation on the heraldic Cross of Lorraine.

(As a side note, shock rocker Marilyn Manson uses a variation of the Cross of Lorraine as part of his act. Which got us thinking, maybe there's some kind of M.M. cult in the sleepy, well-groomed suburb of Sun Rivers? Alas, no such thing.)

As it turns out, the symbol is little more than an outdoor decoration.

Since you asked that we not invade the privacy of the homeowners, we stifled our journalistic urge to ring the doorbells of said houses and decided instead to ask someone with deep ties to the area if she knew the story behind the double-barred cross and circle.

Lori Spracklin, office administrator at Sun Rivers Golf Resort Community, discovered that there isn't any particular hidden message in the symbol, only that "it was just a very nice symbol that someone came up with that had a southwest flair to it for that particular neighbourhood."

It's certainly a conversation piece.

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