What's the story behind those old pilings?

YOU ASKED:Looking across the river, from the end of Southill Street, there appears to be a row of old pilings across the river that would only show at very low water levels. What are they and what where they for? At low water levels, the pilings would create a navigation hazard to boat traffic.

- Richard Dickie

OUR ANSWER:You would think it would be easy to find an answer to this, but overlapping provincial, federal and municipal jurisdictions can complicate a waterway mystery.

At first, we contacted Leri Davies, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Pacific Region's strategic media relations advisor. We emailed Davies two photos of the pilings plus a Google maps image showing their location.

But, Davies said the pilings weren't a DFO issue and forwarded our inquiry to Transport Canada, where it landed on the desk of Jillian Glover, regional communications adviser.

Glover checked with Transport Canada's Navigable Waters office.

"Turns out we are aware of the situation," said Glover.

At last word, Transport Canada was planning to contact the City to determine who owns the pilings. It seems, Richard, that you aren't the only one concerned about the potential hazard to passing boats.

Says Glover: "Transport Canada's role is to ensure that Canada's waterways provide safe navigation to marine vessels and are free of ship-source pollution.

As for the story behind the pilings, that remains a mystery.

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