Why do smokers toss cigarette butts outside?

YOU ASKED:"Love to read your column wherein you answer all sorts of questions. Here is my question: About a month ago when my husband and I were walking back to our vehicle after having breakfast at the A&W in Fortune Shopping Centre, we noticed a young employee of A&W with a long-handled dustpan and broom, sweeping up litter out in the parkinglot. The majority of the litter was cigarette butts. If these cigarette butts are not swept up, the next rain or snowmelt takes them into the storm sewer - and from there, into the river, eventually ending up on the shores of Kamloops Lake. If the cigarette butts are from a filter cigarette or if there is a cigarello butt still in its plastic mouthpiece, they float.

"I wonder if you would ask smokers why they leave their butts on the sidewalk, in parking lots andin front of business entrances? Do they do this on their floors at home?"

- Sincerely,Florence Thomson

OUR ANSWER:It certainly is unpleasant to see discarded cigarettes littering our outdoor spaces.

While some businesses, such as Kamloops Lake City Casino on Victoria Street, have designated disposal bins for cigarette butts, many do not - and that leaves smokers free to flick or snuff out their butts on sidewalks, parking lots and roads.

But, while this blatant act of littering would have anyone worried about the effects on our environment, the City's acting utilities manager Chris Jackson said the majority of butts that get washed into catch basins end up disintegrating in the sump before they make it into the storm sewers.

"Yes,the ones that do notdisintegrateget flushed into the storm sewers during a rain event and can end up in the river, (but) this is a very small amount."

As for your question to smokers, we hope they read this and adjust their behaviour if they are among the offenders.

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