Why does 1400 block of River Street smell bad?

YOU ASKED:I manage a business at the end of River Street (in the 1400 block). All summer, and still today, there is a strong smell of outhouse. Maybe you could investigate this.

- Ian Kerr

OUR ANSWER:That odour is likely coming from the manhole covers along your section of River Street.

City utilities services manager Mike Firlotte told us on Tuesday that a City crew is working in the neighbourhood, flushing a huge sewage main that runs underneath the road.

The line carries sewage from Barnhartvale and Valleyview and pumps it through to the City's sewage treatment plant.

Every six months or so, City crews use a special truck to flush fresh water through the sewage main to remove sediment. The jet of water is sent through the system via a hose inserted into select manhole covers.

Normally, sewage odour is kept under control by sealed filters under the manhole lids.

"When we unbolt those manhole covers to actually flush that line, odours do come out," said Firlotte.

"And, because we are flushing, that does stir up a lot more of the odour than usual. It stirs up all the sediment that settles over time."

The City crew was expected to be finished by Wednesday.

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