Will Juniper Ridge ever get a second road?

YOU ASKED:I have a question. When will Juniper Ridge finally ever get a secondary access road? I'm sure everyone living up here, and dealing with people from the east end of Juniper flying down Qu'Appelle doing 80-plus km/h,would love to hear the answer to this one.

- Cassia Henderson

OUR ANSWER:There should be a short answer to this, but, unfortunately, there isn't.

First off, it is unlikely the east side of Juniper Ridge will ever get a paved roadway that leads down to Valleyview Drive or to the Trans Canada Highway. The cost is prohibitive.

But that doesn't mean there is no route out of that side of Juniper Ridge.

If you look at Google Maps, particularly over the Benchlands subdivision to the east, you'll see a narrow, dirt road leading from Kicking Horse Drive down through the ridges to Holman Street and out onto the highway.

That's an emergency access road and it is to be used in the event of a wildfire or other catastrophe to get residents out safely.

But it will probably never go beyond a dirt trail because that side of Juniper is rippled with ridges and gullies that would be challenging to carve a paved road through.

"There will never ever be a paved route out of there (to the east), similar to a Highland Road or anything like that," said the City's community development manager, Randy Lambright.

"Hopefully, folks don't have expectations like that."

The west side is a different story.

Lambright said a paved road will ultimately be pushed through the west side onto Rose Hill Road as residential development unfolds over time. There's a gravel road there now, which can be used in an emergency.

So, as it stands now, Juniper Ridge has one paved road (Highland Drive) and two emergency trails.

Still, that shouldn't leave residents worried about a major catastrophe, such as a wildfire.

"At the end of the day, quite frankly, if something happens out there and Highland Road is blocked or whatever, we'll move Heaven and Earth to get people out of there," said Lambright.

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