Will the City bid again on the Canada Summer Games?

YOU ASKED:Since Kamloops is now set to host the 2018 B.C. Winter Games, I am interested to know if our City would ever bid again for the Canada Summer Games? Surely after 20 years we could host them again.

- Tyler

OUR ANSWER:Our contact on this one was Jeff Putnam, the City's manager of Parks, Recreation Facilities and Business Operations.

Putnam said the Canada Games Council has a prescribed process for bidding on the summer games, a process that ensures the event moves across the country.

Kamloops hosted the games in 1993, welcoming more than 3,000 athletes - among them, a young Steve Nash, who hadn't yet become an NBA superstar.

There are many legacies from those games. The Canada Games Aquatic Centre, Hillside Stadium, Charles Anderson Stadium and Cottonwood Park are just a few.

It would be wonderful to have the games back, but the earliest eligible date, based on the bid process, would be 2021, said Putnam.

As the date gets closer, Putnam said the City would " . . . definitely review the bid guidelines and take a close look at this opportunity."

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