Will the downtown cobblestones be fixed?

YOU ASKED:Can you tell us if the fancy new cobblestone crosswalks (done last summer) on Third and Victoria will be fixed? They have huge ruts; it must be difficult for handicap folks to cross. As well it seems to have sunk lower than the road.

- Kathy Manuel

OUR ANSWER:After visiting the intersection and snapping photos of what we perceived as possible trouble spots in the cobblestones, we asked the City for a comment.

In short, streets and capital projects manager Kristen Meersman said she would dispatch a crew to inspect the ruts, but she also clarified what is likely a common misperception about the work done last year.

Meersman said the purpose of the Victoria Street project was road-surface rehabilitation.

The existing bricks were "visually in relatively good condition," she said, so the City removed and reinstalled the same older bricks - in part, to keep with the style and colour of bricks in other crosswalks downtown.

"Since this is a re-used brick, the end product is not comparable to a new brick crosswalk," added Meersman.

Still, Meersman's crew will inspect the crosswalk to ensure "the ruts are within acceptable tolerances."

The City regularly measures ruts, sidewalk cracks, curb heights and for potential pedestrian hazards.

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