Group in bad company

It is always a refreshing when the justice system uses common sense.

Case in point: a Federal Court judge rejected the Canadian Arab Federation's challenge that the Conservative government unfairly cut off funding to the organization.

Normally, you'd think such an organization would easily gain the favour of the court and the by giving immigrants instruction on language. Most would agree this is a good thing and aids in a multicultural society, but the federation also had some unpleasant links that would go against the very idea of such a society.

In fact, Arab organization officials, according to the judge, appeared to be anti-Semitic and supportive of the actions of terrorist organizations, notions that most Canadian taxpayers wouldn't want to support with their money.

There were several instances the judge brought up that led to Ottawa's decision to cut off funding.

One was a leaflet forwarded by group's president in 2006 attacking Liberal leadership candidate Bob Rae for supporting "Israeli Apartheid" and singling out his wife, who is active in the Canadian Jewish Congress. In another deplorable incident brought up by the judge, a federation gala honoured Zafar Bangash, who had referred to Canadians as infidels in the past and "reported on the Sept. 11 attacks in a way that was unsympathetic to the victims."

The judge's decision to dismiss the case sends a clear message that the company you keep is a good enough reason to cut off government funding if it's deemed such company espouses hateful views.

The Canadian Arab Federation still has every opportunity to promote its questionable viewpoints. The good news for Canadians is it can't do it on the public dime.

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