No surprise many skipped Peace Walk

The Walk for Peace, the Environment and Social Justice, which took place Saturday, is surely a good cause, but it's hardly objective and shouldn't be viewed as such.

The event drew more than 200 people to downtown streets, but one participant was surprised more didn't show up. After all, there couldn't be anybody against peace, the environment and social justice, right?

If participants were surprised, they shouldn't be. It has nothing to do with the name and everything to what the walk represents - a left-wing celebration.

Don't get us wrong; we have nothing against left-wing celebrations and public gatherings. In fact, we applaud those who believe strongly in their causes.

But don't expect to see capitalists, opponents to big labour and proponents of small government who want peace, environmental protections and social justice to join the walk.

And don't expect to see the family struggling to make ends meet and is fed up with its tax dollars going to bloated unionized public-sector positions, either. It's unlikely that family will show up for the walk when it knows the majority of participants oppose its conservative values.

The event is subjective, plain and simple. The fact is, it's pretty safe to say most in Kamloops are against war, are in favour of human rights and want their environment protected. But does that mean we shouldn't support projects like the proposed Ajax mine if the review process proves little impact on the environment?

And should we not favour military action in countries like Sudan and Libya were thousands of civilians are murdered? And should we support equal rights at all costs, even if those rights infringe on others?

To emphasize the point, a business service group attending a conference here held its own Peace March last Friday, the day before this event. Would it have done so had it believed the Saturday march was open, objective and inclusive?

The bottom line - complex issues won't be made less difficult with a walk that caters to one side of the political spectrum, making it more apparent why many Kamloopsians gave the event a pass.

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