A word on behalf of those who don't care

After reading the plethora of letters regarding atheist bus signs and whether we should call it Christmas or Winter break, I'm disappointed with Kamloops. Don't get me wrong. My feelings of disappointment can only happen because of my great love for Kamloops and its citizens.

I understand that there are people on both sides who feel their position is correct. Let me speak for an under-represented group - the people who do not care.

These topics are the intellectual equivalent of the po-tay-to crowd arguing with the po-tah-to supporters on how to pronounce potato. I am wondering if people in Kamloops are aware of much more important situations happening around our community, country and world.

I wonder if Kamloopsians know about people, mostly seniors, being charged a daily "convalescent" care fee after receiving acute care in hospital? Meaning, if your grandma breaks her hip and isn't healthy enough to go home, she'll leave acute care and stay in a convalescent care bed. There she will be charged $29.40 a day and, according to the B.C. Health Coalition, she'll enjoy an average stay of seven weeks.

In 2002 (a year after the big tax "break" we got from Gordo) they started charging the convalescent fee and quickly dropped it after the B.C Nurses Union caused a stink.

In April of this year the IHA began charging it again. Don't bother looking for a press release or a news conference about it. There wasn't one. Like the HST, there was no public consultation.

I could go on.

I just think that we, as a city, should look at the bigger picture. When I performed stand up comedy, I noticed how easy it was to get a laugh when you talked about how ignorant Americans are. Why are we now trying to emulate them? The war on Christmas? Yeah, on the seventh day, God said, "Let there be iPads, now go buy one!"

In 2011, I challenge my fellow citizens to use the Internet for all the reasons it exists (aside from checking scores, email, trolling the KDN website and porn). I challenge you to learn more about the world.

Unless you'd rather go back to argue whether it's pronounced pa-ja-ma or pa-jah-ma.

It's pa-ja-ma, for the record.



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