Abortion no one's business but woman's own

This letter is in response to Mary Hale's letter titled "Babies are human before their birth" published in the Kamloops Daily News on June 8, 2012.

I would like to thank Mary Hale for her letter to the editor about abortion. After reading her letter I immediately went online to educate myself about abortion and a woman's right to have one. I'm glad that I am now more informed on the issue. I wish Mary Hale had done the same thing before she wrote her letter.

Blaming Canada's low population, school closures, and threats to senior's pensions on abortions is ignorant and untrue. There are many factors to these issues that don't involve abortion at all and singling out women who have had abortions for these national problems is unfair to say the least. Also, calling these women "killers" and "evil" doesn't help the "untold horror and depression upon women" which Mary claims has caused "untold health problems in our nation." Imagine the untold health problems in our nation if women couldn't have access to a legal abortion?

Abortion is not about good and evil or right and wrong. It's about a choice for a woman to make and it's nobodies business but hers. The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada's website is a great unbiased resource for anyone looking for more information on abortion in Canada.



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