Airlines offer poor customer service

Re: Airline Fees Flying High (The Daily News, Jan. 26). In December my wife and I flew from Kamloops to Vancouver to Manila. At the Kamloops airport we were informed we were allowed only one checked bag each. For the two extra bags we would have to pay $40 from Kamloops to Vancouver. If we wanted the bags transferred to the flight to Manila that would cost $140. We paid the $40.

The challenge is, we were informed about the charge at the airport, which does not enhance the travel experience. My understanding was we had an international destination and were thus permitted two checked bags each. Next time we might just use land transport to Vancouver.

So, airlines have an ultra-competitive market. How is being aggravating going to attract more customers?

Speaking of aggravation, what the article did not mention is security. All it does is gives the passenger a false sense of security. The journey is not "fun." There was a time when it was.

What conditions will customers have to face before most customers decide the journey and aggravation is just not worth it?



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