Armchair Mayor plays dirty politics

Re: No Sour Grapes on Games, Armchair Mayor, Sept. 18.

Ever watch The Apprentice, Mel? Well, I am not "The Donald," but you're fired!I have just spent the last three weeks in your beautiful city visiting my girlfriend. Why, I even took in the home opener of the Blazers and The Prince George Cougars. (By the way Mel my team the Cougars lost.) You have a very vibrant city with great people from downtown to the North Shore, but you wouldn't know about that, Mel. It's obvious to me you have your head stuck in your office somewhere, thinking up ways to slam other B.C. cities.

Now comes the crux of my letter to you. Talk about dirty politics, how dare you slam Prince George for being awarded the "Games." I am sure our past Mayor Colin Kinsley would love to debate that with you and our current mayor Dan Rogers would be so pleased with your "diss" on our city.

So how long have you been in the media, Mel? Obviously, you're a "cub reporter" who is just cutting his teeth in the industry. For someone who has been in politics - what position was it you held again? Communications officer for the city of Kamloops.... oh, my gosh, to my surprise, you were the mayor!

Put the shoe on the other foot Mel and I am sure if someone slammed your great city of Kamloops, why you might just write an editorial on that. Hey, Mel, I have been in the media business for over 40 years and like we say as professionals, check your "ego" at the door.

By the way Mel come to Prince George for a visit and see our new world renowned University of Northern British Columbia with one of the only Northern Medical Doctors Progams in the north.. that is Mel if you can "Stand the smell!" Have a B E A Utiful Day.


Prince George

Editor's note: Wayne Dobson is a former radio accounts manager who teaches marketing at the College of New Caledonia.

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