Assisted suicide puts us on a slippery slope

On Aug. 4, there was an article about a right-to-die case that was to be fast-tracked. (The case was thrown out only because of a technicality.) On the same page as this article was another about the anti-human trafficking office having their funding slashed to $300,000 and two full-time staff, and also an article about a violent man who bit off his girlfriend's nose.

We are on a very slippery slope of disrespect for life.

We have put ourselves in charge of our lives instead of a higher power. Now that we have decided who should be born, it's a very quick step to deciding who is valuable in society and who should die and when.

I believe in God as the supreme Creator of us all. God creates out of love and all life is sacred. The egg and sperm from which we spring are sacred, the very act of procreation is sacred, and life from its natural beginning to its natural end is sacred. We are all capable of giving life and, therefore, we are sacred; we are god-like.

Is life really only meaningful when it is free of pain?

When God the Father sent us a representative of himself, he sent his Son and allowed him to suffer a painful death without intervening. But after the painful death, Jesus rose from the dead and shows us that if we are willing to lay down our lives for each other as He did, we also can be life giving.

The following is an excerpt from an advance medical directive recommended by the National Catholic Bioethics Center in Boston. "I want those making decisions on my behalf to avoid doing anything that intends and directly causes my death by deed or omission. Medical treatments may be forgone or withdrawn if they do not offer a reasonable hope of benefit to me or if they entail excessive burdens, or impose excessive expense on my family or the community. There should be a presumption in favour of providing me with nutrition and hydration, assuming of course they are of benefit to me."

Very little in life can be achieved without suffering. Is this not also true of eternal life?



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