Baric a huge loss for Kamloops

Kamloops lost an icon this week! A wise man, who was so dedicated and passionate about baseball in Kamloops. Stan Baric loved to share his knowledge and love for the game of baseball freely to all.

Stan's coaching experience goes back decades. Stan first coached baseball in Kamloops in the 1970s, then for many years in Calgary, then again in Kamloops upon his return in the mid-2000s. At 73 years old, he was still a very active volunteer with Kamloops Minor Baseball.

He worked hard on the Challenger program for the past three years. Stan was volunteering and giving of himself right up to the week of his passing. There was a team without a coach this season, and even though he was fighting through his illness, Stan took on coaching this team because he wanted the kids to play ball. His efforts were positive and very helpful. We all admired him for his proactive, energetic, and positive outlook.

Kids came first with Stan. His kindness could be easily seen with a twinkle in his eyes as he spoke about teaching the kids the etiquette of baseball. "Tuck in your shirt, turn your hat around. You are a baseball player. Be proud of that!"

Stan was very giving himself. He would buy equipment out of his own pocket. He would travel to out-of-town games to watch Kamloops teams play. He even tried to pay for kids to play who could not afford it. "Everyone should be able to play baseball."

He was a true fan. Stan would numerous times be found at McArthur Park at sunrise and be the last to leave at night. He was very proud of the baseball facilities in Kamloops! Stan's commitment and dedication leaves a tremendous gap in the baseball community and in Kamloops. We will remember Stan by helping the kids in Kamloops have the passion for baseball just like him.

Stan would put his 1938 Ford into every Christmas, Easter, Summer parade there was, decorated with KMBA paraphernalia, as well as Kamloops Heritage Railway signs and posters, which was another interest which Stan was extremely passionate about. Stan would give kids a ride, buy them railway hats, whatever he could to make kids feel appreciated and happy. Stan Baric you will be truly and deeply missed!



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