Biosource goal: clean and green

On Aug. 8, Biosource Power Inc. reached an agreement with the former owners of Gold Standard Pellet Fuel located on Dallas Drive in Kamloops and their bank, Farm Credit Canada, to purchase the site, buildings and equipment at that location.

The sale of the former Gold Standard Pellet Fuel site creates a new opportunity for both Biosource and the community of Kamloops.

A story in The Daily News on Aug. 9 (Lease Agreement Reached for Dallas Wood Waste Burner) stated: "Plans to build a wood waste burner in Dallas took one step forward with an agreement reached to lease the intended site" and further stated "This includes any potential agreements on fibre supply, pellet production and distribution and rail transportation."

BioSource Power Inc. wishes to clarify to the public that this information is not an accurate representation of facts. Biosource has no intention of building a wood waste burner at this facility. Any heat created from wood at the site will be required to meet the most stringent air quality standards in the province and will meet both public and government scrutiny.

We intend to engage the community and our neighbours in the developments on the site. Our business model is based on creating value-added wood products and green energy products.

A small portion of the property has been set aside to lease to Nations Energy in the event that their business of thermal power generation comes to fruition; no other business activities by Nations Energy have been agreed to at the site. Biosource has no business affiliation with Nations Energy outside of this lease agreement. Any developments by Nations Energy do not involve Biosource.

The Dallas Drive facility has been a value-added wood processing business site for over 30 years in Kamloops. The plans for the business under the ownership of Biosource will create value-added wood products and energy products from the residual fibre streams created from the manufacture of these products.

As we get underway with permitting and licensing for this site we will fully engage with the public. We have no dirty secrets.

Biosource plans include the use of best known technologies and best known practices in their operations. We are a private business and our customers, investors and partners are environmentally conscious individuals who demand that the company's products are produced in a sustainable, green and environmentally friendly manner. The operations at Dallas Drive will be required to exceed government requirements; we view ourselves as leaders in the green energy and next generation biofuels sector.



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