Chick fights, and pros and cons of social media

Social media can be used in many ways both positive and negative. For example what is happening today in places like Syria that is in a major crisis, social media is how much of the information is getting out on what is happening in the streets.

Because of a clampdown on the media it is through things such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube that people can actually see what is going on and these types of messages effect the support the people of Syria are getting from people around the world. In this case social media is helpful.

Of course there can be an ugly side to social media too. It's like people are handed a wide canvas to paint or portray opinions or stories on anything and make comments that may be true or downright lies. Once it is thrown out there it is impossible to take back. This can be hurtful or in some cases dangerous.

I had an experience with social media that didn't turn out very well. On June 7, 2011 a high school fight or "chick fight" as people referred to it took place. This fight was instigated, set-up and then recorded and sent out all by various means of social media and social networking. By the time the actual incident or fight took place there was a crowd of about 150 youths from all over the city gathered in a circle to record and post this so called "entertainment" to various internet sites.

I was involved in this unfortunate incident and it taught me a few lessons. Things can get out of control very fast and in this case it was social media that played a big part in what turned out to be some very bad decisions that were made very quickly. I am not blaming social media for my behaviour here, I made the decisions I made, but it did play a very negative part. Once something is put out there you can't take it back.

I regret what happened, leading up to, during and after the incident. In this situation I didn't make the right choices in dealing with it and a lot of people were hurt by those actions and everything that followed. I sincerely apologize to all that were affected by this incident. I believe I have learned from this mistake and would deal with things differently now in the same circumstances.



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