Conservative politics hasn't worked so far

Does everyone recall that B.C. hadthe Social Credit, Conservative and Liberal parties coalesceduringthe 1970sand1980s, then were elected?

You might remember that those years were the worst years on record for B.C. They too were recession years but they were not handled very well, leaving the province in economic ruin with a huge deficit that exists to this day.

Yet people still insist it was the NDP that was responsible for that economic ruin and now the entire 1990s recession across Canada,go figure. In all fairness I believe the NDP did a relatively good job getting through the 1990srecession compared to the other so-called free enterprise conservative partiesin Canada (I find little difference between Liberals and Conservatives), Considering they paid off some of the debt, left a balanced budgetplus a $1.5 billion surplus and did create over four thousand jobs and more.

Compare that to this Liberal coalition party's record of going through the good times and leaving the province in the economic and environmental ruinit is in today. It reminds me of another Conservative Party of Grant Devine's in Saskatchewan who succeeded in bankrupting that government.

If we give this government another chance I feel this province willwind up the same way. It is unbelievable that this government, after costing thousands of people their good paying jobs, then with their privatization schemes and other scandals plus a huge deficit that they ever got re-elected.

Now they are in such bad shape they had to tax us with the HST, raise other taxes, then sell the Liquor warehouses to out of province people no doubt. Now that should be good forAlberta's economy and employment. Has everyone noticed that booze costs $2 to $6 more in the private booze stores than the government ones? Who does that save millions for?

When we see some Liberals jumping ship or joining the crew it looks like they might change their names back to their former party or to The B.C. Dogwood Party, orjust coalesce again. No matter,they will all have to follow the platform and the party line regardless. Thatwill likely besell, sell, sell, and privatize, privatize, privatize.

Our premier said creating employment and managing the economy areher priorities, on that subject I find thather party moves rapidly forward - in reverse.However, I believe it is commodities that drive the economy, not politics as some would have us believe.

Furthermore, the pundits are saying another world recession is coming in the spring of 2013 if not earlier. I don't envy any party having to follow the B.C. Liberal coalition types. Remember, it is a Conservative Party in control of Canada's largest debt and they, too, are busy selling off the "peanut stand."

Don't forget, "Tory years are tough years."



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